about our activities

We like to inform and inspire you about our international activities and special projects.

Themes Digital Child Rights

We have developed Digital Child Rights themes based on the UN General Comment 25.

Launch: Child Rights PLAY Platform

We launched the Child Rights PLAY participation-platform during the Global Smart City Expo in Barcelona.

New: Digital Child Rights Expo

Now available for every city: our Digital Child Rights Expo about the UN 'General Comment 25'.

Test Child Rights PLAY Talks

We tested the My Digital Life Talks. The first time with young people in the Gaza Camp in Jordan.

Test Digital Child Rights Check

We have developed a prototype of our research tool Digital Child Rights Check with the City of The Hague.

Premiere: Child Rights PLAY Show

We launched the interactive #VIRAL PLAY in The Hague for youth about their digital life.

Challenge Child Rights PLAY Dance

We created the Blue Lights Dance challenge on World Children's Day 2022 with UNICEF.

New: Child Rights PLAY Cards

We introduced our new Child Rights PLAY Cards in London at the 5Rights Foundation event.

Launch: Digital Child Rights Desk

We launch the Digital Child Rights Desk with ITU Partner2Connect Digital Coalition in Geneva.

Launch: Take CTRL game for smart cities

We launched the interactive participation game "Take CTRL" for child friendly public places.

Start Digital Child Rights Panel

We have started our Digital Child Rights Panel to make young people's voices heard.

New: Child Rights PLAY Toolkit

We introduce our new toolkit Child Rights PLAY for awareness and participation in every city.

Invitation 5Rights Foundation event

Proud that we were invited by prof. Sonia Livingstone of the Digital Futures Commission in London.

At the #WTISD of the United Nations

We had the honor to present on the UN World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

Start Digital Child Rights Malawi

We started with various organizations our roadmap for a Digital Child Rights Network in Malawi.

Our contribution to the SDG's 2030

Read our contribution to the SDG Digital Acceleration Agenda at the UN in New York.

Interested in one of our activities or special projects, please let us know.