interactive youth PLAY

Premiere in the City The Hague in The Netherlands.

Cabaret duo Manon Blaauw and Kevin van den Berg, play and sing in the role of recognizable characters. They profile, personify, insinuate and imitate. And all this at a high pace. The duo is characterized by their critical view of current affairs and associated standards of conduct. Their new performance #VIRAL is based on the children's rights of the United Nations. The rapid developments in the online world have a major impact on children and young people; positive and negative. It is important that they are aware of their digital rights.

With a good dose of cabaret and incentives, themes such as gaming, cyberbullying and sexting are tackled in a hilarious way. Smartphones are getting smarter by the day and socials like TikTok are getting more addictive by the minute. In sketches and songs, Blauwe Vinkjes holds up a crystal-hard mirror. The two deadly serious influencers Look & Luna take you into their kaulo fun life. You see singing cookies and aggressive popups. The wifi is guaranteed to break, privacy is violated and no avatar is real. What do Mona Lisa and Vincent van Gogh think of the digital world in 2022? And why all those privacy rules?! Block. Accept. Put it in your story and go VIRAL!

Young people in secondary education get an interactive theater experience. After #VIRAL (30 minutes), Kevin and Manon play Child Rights PLAY with the audience, followed by an informal, substantive discussion of half an hour. They ask for the opinion of the children and young people about their rights in the (digital) world. The duo gets input from the audience and tastes what wishes children and young people have when it comes to their rights in the digital world.