Digital Child Rights Desk

Give young people a role

Let young people participate in a digital child-friendly municipality.

Digital Child Rights Desk

In addition to a worldwide and national organization of our foundation, we set up a Digital Child Rights Desk in every municipality. This office will be run by and with young people. They conduct structural research into the status of digital children's rights; the Digital Child Rights Check. For the municipality, the Desk is also the place for a Digital Child Rights Coordinator who works with others on the basis of a Framework to improve digital children's rights. The Desk and our local Network will also be used to organize the Digital Child Rights Festival and Awards in the municipality.

Our local plan

Based on our research tool Digital Child Rights Check, carried out by our youth Network and the municipality, we gain local (and national) insight into the status of and priorities for a Digital Child Rights Plan with sufficient commitment, capacity and funding. To this end, we are setting up a Digital Child Rights Desk in every municipality. Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 do an internship here and or get a part-time job from us. They become a freelance trainer and give guest lessons on schools about digital children's rights.