Working on a digital child-friendly city

Awareness, education and empowerment for every child!

It's important to work on more and better rights for every child in the digital world. As a foundation, we focus on improving and accelerating digital skills and youth participation in every country and every environment. Digital Child Rights are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN 'General Comment 25'. Let's work together!

Digital Child Rights Tools

Tools for children and young people at school and in their spare time.

Digital Child Rights PLAY

A platform for children and young people to give their opinion.

Digital Child Rights Panel

A voice for all children and young people in every environment.

Digital Child Rights Desk

Places for internships and part-time jobs for young people in every city.

Download the Digital Child Rights Expo with posters about the UN General Comment 25 about children's rights in relation to the digital world.