Child Rights PLAY

Working on our youth participation program

The Child Rights PLAY toolkit is currently in its launch phase. Here we give a brief explanation of the target group, the goal, the Child Rights PLAY participation program. We are looking for partners who want to support our plan, so that we can develop, test and produce a Child Rights PLAY toolkit, and then roll it out the coming years.

Target audience

Child Rights PLAY is primarily aimed at all young people between the ages of 10 and 18. We give priority to young people in secondary education. At this age, children become increasingly independent at home and at school. They discover all the positive online possibilities and unfortunately also the negative effects thereof. At the same time, they are not yet allowed to use all online services without the permission of parents and/or carers, let alone that not everything on the internet is suitable for this younger target group. We want to reach young people through other important target groups: professionals working in social organizations, such as schools, libraries and community centers in municipalities.


Through Child Rights PLAY we want to involve young people in an active, creative and cultural way and make them aware of their rights and obligations when they are online. We want to teach them about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. However, this treaty was written at a time when there was no internet yet; the world is changing rapidly... That is why the United Nations has adopted the General Comment 25. It fully addresses the rights of children in the digital world. A Dutch translation can be downloaded from digital children's For Child Rights PLAY we have written a shortened version for young people with 10 themes, so that we can also make children aware of their rights when they are online. In addition to awareness and education, we want young people to actively participate (also in their spare time) (empowerment) and to be able to express their opinion about what they consider important when they are online. Through Child Rights PLAY we want to pass on the opinion of young people to parents (!), municipalities, public organizations (especially civil society and of course also involved teachers at school) and to important social organizations that are active in the field of children's rights.

Child Rights PLAY toolkit

Child Rights PLAY is a participation program that consists of several separate modules that together form a coherent program. In the coming months we will continue to develop and test a complete toolkit on three levels: awareness, education and participation: